In addition to our practice, we have a professional and completely equipped dental technician’s laboratory. We use exclusively approved and high-quality materials by the renowned world have known brands that only work by the prescribed norms and standards. Your crowns and bridges will be constructed quickly, efficiently and with high quality, in only a few days. Our laboratory is constantly improving itself and is implementing all the new technologies and trends in the branch of dentistry. Our technician’s laboratory offers a wide range of services:

  • nonmetal ceramics
  • metal ceramics
  • reconstruction over implants
  • partial prostheses
  • total prostheses
  • protective guards for bruxism/ night guards

Mrs. Ohrida Cvetanovska is responsible for our dental technician’s laboratory – she is a dental technician with 25 years of working experience.


  • Teeth sealing (painless and completely aesthetical)
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tartar removal and teeth polishing
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Endodontics (root canal therapy)
  • Teeth Extractions
  • Pediatric and preventive dentistry
  • Facial aesthetics (hyaluronic fillers)
  • Retroalveolar x-ray images


CAD- CAM- Zirconium

With the high aesthetics they achieve and the transparency to light, just like natural teeth, teeth made of zirconium don’t contain metal in their base, and are completely biocompatible with the tissues in the body and don’t cause any discoloration of the gums. The base of these artificial teeth is designed with the use of computer technology, it is laser cut and made in a CAD-CAM machine. The crowns and bridges made of zirconium are of high quality, very durable and attain great aesthetics. You can finally have the Hollywood smile you always wanted!

Metal ceramics

Fixed crowns and bridges made out of porcelain, completely replace the function and visual effect of natural teeth. They consist of a base made out of a biocompatible alloy-mixture of metals. The base is completely covered with high-quality porcelain, which doesn’t differ from the natural teeth by color, nor shape.

Prostheses over implants

The best solution for replacing missing teeth is constructing prosthetic replacements over implants Solo crowns, as well as large and small bridge constructions are made over the placed implants, thus regulating the bite and the lost relations between the jaws. More info on implants here.

Partial prostheses

In situations where placing implants are not possible, the most appropriate solution is a placement of a partial prosthesis that will be connected to the remaining teeth. Partial prostheses are aesthetical, contain hooks and attachments and do not have any visual shortcomings.

Total prostheses

Total prostheses are replacements that are made when there are no more teeth left in the oral cavity. The material used for this prosthesis is very soft, like rubber, so that the patient can easily adapt to it and use it without any difficulties or problems.


Dental implants are titanium pegs (screws) that are surgically placed into the jaw bone. They are used as base carriers for future prosthetic constructions (crowns and bridges). The implant is firmly placed into the bone with a special procedure and a crown is placed on top of it. Therefore, the patient receives an artificial tooth identical to the natural one. The implants can replace one tooth, several or all the teeth in the mouth. They are used as foundations for solo crowns and fixed bridges.

Dental implants are mechanically inserted into the bone, which is connected with the implants by osseointegration. This is a natural process through which the bone tissue fuses with the implant and recognizes it as its own. Fixing the implant this way, a very firm base for placing artificial teeth is obtained. With the implants and bridges above them, the patient completely regains normal chewing, swallowing and speaking functions, the physiognomy of the face is regained and the aesthetics of natural teeth is achieved. Implantation is a routine procedure that is painless, the patients accept it easily and there are almost no serious postoperative complications.)

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