“With just a few hours flight from any destination in Europe and direct flights to and from Skopje, saving money on implants procedures is not the only benefit you will get”.

Get information on flight updates, destinations and timetables at Skopje Airport website here.

One of our distinctive factors that make as unique is providing the outstanding dental treatment for patients from all over the world which includes:

  • Initial communication via our E-mail or telephone revealing our patient dental concerns, troubles or desires.
  • A professional explanation, clarification of all open issue that concerns our patient. Communication in English, Russian and Serbo Croatian language.
  • Supporting the patients regarding their traveling by providing the transfer from the airport to their accommodation location and back.
  • Supporting the patients regarding the accommodation recommending them hostels or hotels nearby our dental clinic by the most available prices.
  • Permanent support to the patient regarding all their needs including sightseeing, uncovering the beauty of the city of Skopje, shopping etc.
  • The most important- we are available for our patients 24/7 so you will never be alone or feel lonely.

We work with electronic health cards

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